Whereas a conventional refinery processes crude oil into fuel products, LCM is an innovative clean energy refinery that processes solid fuels into clean energy and valuable chemicals, reducing emissions by 99% and capturing almost 90% of the CO2.  LCM will use advanced technology licensed by General Electric to refine petroleum coke, a waste product from the oil industry that is generally exported, into high-value products, including methanol, hydrogen, CO2, sulfuric acid, argon, and rare gases. The project will be a stable, low cost domestic supplier of these products to strategic industrial customers, enhancing the global competitiveness of the US Chemicals Industry.



The primary feedstock for the LCM facility is petroleum coke (petcoke).  Petcoke is a waste byproduct of oil refining with an appearance and texture similar to coal, produced in large quantities at U.S. refineries.  Containing a high level of impurities such as sulfur and heavy metals, most U.S. petcoke is exported and burned as a coal substitute, causing environmental issues. The LCM project uses advanced refining technology to cleanly process petcoke, reducing pollution and capturing greenhouse gases for beneficial enhanced oil recovery operations.


Coal will power the United States and the world for decades to come. Instead of demonizing coal, we should be investing in technology that will allow us to use it in a cleaner more affordable manner, while also developing equipment that we can manufacture and export to the world creating jobs at home. That is why I am encouraged to see this announcement and will monitor the loan guarantee and progress of this important project... We must find a pathway forward for carbon capture technology that is cost-effective and allows for large-scale commercialization. I look forward to working with the Department of Energy.
— U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV)