$4.4 billion capital investment beginning in 2019

−90% of construction contracts to be sourced out of the Greater Lake Charles area

−Approximately 30% of all materials will be purchased in the local economy

·Substantial employment during the 48-month construction period

−Up to 1,000 workers onsite per day during peak construction periods, plus home office and transportation

−95% of workers expected to be hired locally


·200 permanent skilled employees for manufacturing operations

−$20 million annual payroll

−$65 million in annual operational spending, with an estimated $23 million used to procure local goods and services

·300 new jobs in oil and other industries

−CO2 sales will add 12,500 barrels/day to domestic oil production

·Significant new tax revenue

−$70 million estimated local taxes paid during construction

−$100 million per year (after accounting treatment of accelerated depreciation) of Federal and State tax payments during operations (several billion over Project life)

·Economic multiplier effects

−Indirect secondary and tertiary job impacts (maintenance, cleaning, transportation, hospitality, medical services, etc.) estimated to be over 2x the direct impacts

Fluor is proud to be selected as the engineering, procurement and construction contractor for the Lake Charles Methanol Project. After the final decision and award to Fluor, expected in early 2019, the project will employ more than 1,000 skilled engineering and construction personnel thereby significantly boosting economic activity in the region. Fluor has been actively engaged in the pre-construction development of the project over the last 18 months and we look forward to a full release in 2019 for this innovative clean energy facility.
— David Seaton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fluor Corporation